About SAT

How often is it difficult to say what we would like to say? And how many things are we unwilling to say? SORRY ABOUT THAT says it for you. You will feel more free because now you can speak.

Tell those annoying guests what they can’t do free of hard feelings with our –one of a kind- “anti-signs” and canvasses.

Have fun by sending unique handcrafted anonymous messages to your friends and family!



  1. You can gift it someone you would like to say something personally or anonymously. We can send messages without putting your name for the designated recipient.
  2. For yourself to place it anywhere in space you would like to call attention to. For example, to tell you guests what they cannot do without being impolite.
  3. For your store. Consult for prices of products in bulk

Added Value – One of Kind

It is always possible to transform a space into a communicatory space. SORRY ABOUT THAT makes every room unique in a specially selected medium.


Wood, Canvas, Posters, are a few of the spaces we work with. On each one, we apply different techniques with oriental ink and paint. We use different types of calligraphy tools and inventions. We spend a lot of time and dedication on each piece as they reuire.

All pieces are handmade and exclusive.